By David Hall

Why Not Throw A Virtual Bubble Tea Party?

In England, we’re back in lockdown and, even if you’re elsewhere in the UK, socialising indoors in other people’s homes is not allowed or is strongly advised against, unless you’re part of a support bubble.

That means we’re back to online meetings and hangouts with our friends. If you’re not ready to jump back into endless Zoom quizzes or virtual cocktail nights why not try hosting a bubble tea party from home instead?

Times of India recently suggested this as an option for friends who want to spend time together, and we think it’s a great idea.

You and your friends can buy bubble tea online and order your favourite flavours so that you can all enjoy your preferred take on this unusual but oh-so-tasty beverage while catching up.

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and it’s become a symbol of Asian culture, but it’s also growing in popularity elsewhere in the world, including in the UK.

One of the reasons it’s such an appealing drink is that it looks so pretty. Depending on the flavour of tea you choose, you can have some really vibrant shades in your cup, and the ‘bubbles’ (traditionally tapioca balls, but now including jelly and juice balls) are fun and add a punch of flavour.

It also tastes great and, with so many flavour combinations to choose from, you could be forgiven for needing to try a few different bubble teas to find your favourite.

If you’re hosting a virtual bubble tea party, encourage all of your guests to go all out with their presentation. Get them to make their bubble tea in their favourite glasses or unusual cups and don’t forget about those all-important straws.

The straws for bubble tea need to be wider than the standard drinking straws you can buy in shops, otherwise the ‘bubbles’ don’t fit through them.

If you’re buying bubble tea kits then you can always add straws to your order to ensure you have the right ones. This is also a great opportunity to try different tea flavours or bubbles to see if there are any other combinations that appeal to your taste buds. 

This could also be an option for the forthcoming (and probably virtual) Christmas party with work. As an article for Wired recently noted, many companies are getting very creative with how they’re organising their office festivities this year.

Although the idea of sitting down to a meal with your colleagues is highly unlikely this year, you’re probably going to find yourself attending at least one online Christmas party.

If you’ve been tasked with organising one, and you don’t want to go down the standard drinking alcohol route, you could instead suggest a bubble tea party. After all, it can be a fun experience for people to share, especially if they’re new to this quirky beverage. It also means you could host your festive gathering at lunchtime, rather than in the evening.

There are plenty of fun ways to customise your bubble teas too, which means it’s a theme that could suit multiple people within a company if you’re organising a Christmas party for a diverse range of people.


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