By David Hall

The Science Behind Bubble Tea!

You know what your favourite flavours are, and you know it tastes delicious, but do you know exactly what goes into making your favourite boba tea? Bubble tea isn't just any old tea; you can drink it hot or cold, and it comes in a range of different flavours. The unique factor? It comes with a range of different exciting toppings, such as tapioca pearls, popping juice balls and jelly!

You can buy bubble tea everywhere and anywhere nowadays, as its delicious trend cements itself in the lives of thousands of people across the country. If you're looking to see how you can make and flavour your favourite drink, then look no further!


Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in 1983, when street vendor Liu Han-Chieh started adding yummy tapioca balls (known to you and I as “pearls”) to delicious fruity tea. Since the invention, Bubble tea has adopted a life of its own, and now comes in a range of wonderful flavours.

As well as buying Bubble tea from local stores like us here Manhua Cha, you can even make it yourself at home with bubble tea kits! You can browse our collection here.


Since its invention in 1983, boba tea has added more and more delicious flavours to its catalogue! From fruity sensations such as passion fruit to the weird and wonderful such as Irn Bru, there's not many flavours that haven't been infused into bubble tea! You can also either have them on their own, or you can make it a milk tea.

If you wish to buy bubble tea, there are plenty of places nowadays where it is sold, where that be in a DIY kit or freshly made! You can browse our selection of flavours here.

Do It Yourself!

Is your favourite boba tea store closed because of the latest pandemic? Or is the closest one to you a little too far away? Why not try and make it yourself! There are plenty of bubble tea kits out there for you to experiment at home.

Our bubble tea kits come in a range of different sizes and flavours, and can come with straws, tasty extras and your choice of flavouring!


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