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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Bubble Tea Today!

In the past few years, boba tea has made a reputable name for itself all across the world. It’s vast array of delicious tea flavours, paired with a range of toppings makes it an unusual yet scrumptious beverage enjoyed by millions. However, there are some people out there who are completely oblivious to the deliciousness of bubble tea. Luckily, thanks to the emergence of DIY kits, you can now make bubble tea at home, and you can also buy a drink from a bubble tea shop!

Here at Manhua Cha, we create delicious bubble tea in Newcastle, and we even deliver boba tea kits straight to any door in the UK! Our kits come with everything you need to craft that perfect beverage, and with a range of flavours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Do you want to try bubble tea for the first time, but aren’t sure where to start? Read our article below to see why you should order a bubble tea kit today!

It Tastes Delicious

Probably the biggest incentive to try a glass of boba tea, the popular drink comes in a range of different flavours and toppings, making for a delightful beverage! Even if the first flavour you try isn’t for you, there are plenty of others to try before you settle on your signature style. Not only do you get the taste from the drink’s flavour, but the yummy toppings that sit at the bottom of your cup add that extra kick to an already tasty drink.

Toppings include tapioca balls (or pearls), juice balls and jelly, all with their own unique flavours. Here at Manhua Cha, you can craft your own bespoke kit online, where you can choose the flavour and topping best suited to your tastes. All kits come with instructions (one for the drink, an extra set if you opt to cook tapioca pearls), as well as black tea bags for the milk tea kits, and flavoured syrup for the fruit tea kits, perfect if you wish to make bubble tea at home. To view our range of kits, please visit us here.

It’s Something Different!

Boba beverages aren’t your average cup of tea. Although regular tea can come in many different flavours, what sets bubble tea apart from the rest are the toppings that sit at the bottom of the drink. Tapioca pearls, juice balls and jelly can either be sucked up through the straw or saved until the end, adding something a little extra to your drink!

Consuming the same old drink can get boring after a while, so why not opt for something else? Boba tea is the perfect choice if you made your new year’s resolution a task to try something different. Bubble tea is also the perfect choice if you’re partial to yummy iced tea. All bubble tea is made with boiling hot water with ice to cool, but our winter tea variants can be consumed straight after adding boiling hot water to create a winter warmer!

There Are Plenty of Flavours to Choose From

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of flavours to choose from when it comes to boba tea. Whether you’re a fruit fan or you prefer sweet treats, there’s a flavour out there for you! Fruit flavours can range from the classic strawberry and apple, to the more exotic lychee and passion fruit. You can also enjoy coffee house favourites, such as mocha and hazelnut latte!

You can enjoy bubble tea as either a fruit or milk variant, as most flavours accommodate each version! There are also more classic, earthy flavours to choose from, such as matcha and taro. Both of these flavours originated in Asia, like bubble tea itself. You can also find a range of flavours in the toppings too. When you make bubble tea at home, each beverage is simple to make, and our kits come with everything you need to make that perfect drink!

Enjoy the Benefits of Tea

Almost all bubble tea drinks come with either black or green tea bags to form the base. Tea contains antioxidants that can improve overall health and decrease the risk of chronic disease. Green tea in particular boasts a collection of health benefits, and includes a range of healthy compounds proven to help prevent severe illnesses. It has also been found to help with brain function, fat loss and lowering the risk of heart disease.

If you choose to make bubble tea at home, all of our kits contain black or green tea bags, so these health benefits are guaranteed! Here at Manhua Cha, our kits can be delivered straight to your door, allowing you to experiment with flavours from the comfort of your own home! You can view our range of flavours and toppings by visiting us here.


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