By David Hall

International Goodies You Must Try

Since its invention in 1983 by Taiwanese street vendor Liu Han-Chieh, bubble tea has become a popular beverage all across the globe. It’s unusual flavours and various toppings, such as tapioca pearls or popping juice balls, make it a hit with tea enthusiasts everywhere. Popular, unique flavours and products in international countries usually make their way over to the UK eventually, and here at Manhua Cha, our bubble tea gift sets and sweet packs come with a range of American and Asian candy for you to try.

As well as creating delicious boba tea kits for you to make your favourite beverage at home, we here at Manhua Cha in Newcastle have a delicious range of international sweets, sold both individually and in ‘Pick N’ Mix’ sets! To browse our collection, please visit us here.


Created in the USA in 1985, AirHeads have been a favourite amongst candy enthusiasts across the pond! The sweets have been described as having a tangy flavour, and are said to resemble taffy due to their chewy texture. The sweets are available in over sixteen different flavours, and typically come in strips. AirHeads are also available in miniature sizes, and their flavours range from strawberry to cotton candy!

Here at Manhua Cha, we sell a range of AirHeads products, from their sour “Xtremes” range to “Big Bars” and small bites. Like all of our candy selections, you can either buy AirHeads as singular pieces, in our ‘Pick N’ Mix’ packages, or from our ‘World of Sweets’ boxes.

Hello Panda

A brand of small biscuits originating from Japan in 1979, Hello Panda was first manufactured by Meiji Seika. Each packet contains shortbread biscuits filled with a range of yummy flavours! Each biscuit has a cartoon image of a Panda printed on its surface performing activities such as skateboarding and tennis.

The flavours included in Hello Panda biscuits include strawberry, matcha and chocolate, amongst various other assorted favourites. They aren’t too hard to come by here in the UK, and can be found in most supermarkets, usually residing in the international food aisle! Here at Manhua Cha, we include a range of Hello Panda biscuits in our ‘ultimate’ bubble tea gift set, where you can choose between milk and matcha.

Jolly Rancher

Made by the infamous Hershey’s company, Jolly Rancher are a brand of American candies available around the world. They come in a range of different forms, such as gummies, lollipops, hard candies and sodas. They’ve been around for over 70 years, with the first of the candies going on sale in 1949!

Jolly Rancher candies come in a wide variety of flavours, but they are predominantly defined by their strawberry option. As well as boba tea kits, we offer a range of Jolly Rancher goodies, such as chews, gummies and hard candies. Like AirHeads, they can be found in our American ‘Pick N Mix’ selection.

Bonus: Rare Soda Flavours!

Here in the UK, there aren’t many variations of Fanta. Orange is the most popular choice, with lemon being a close, albeit hard-to-find, second. But what if we told you that, here at Manhua Cha, we sell a range of rare Fanta flavours perfect for soda fans! Our collection includes pineapple, mango, grape and green apple, flavours you’d usually struggle to find over here in the UK! All flavours can be sold separately, or can be included in our drink and snacks mystery boxes, which you can find here!

Are you a diehard Pokemon fan? Did you know there are a range of sodas out there adorned with your favourite characters? Well, now you do! Here at Manhua Cha, we sell Ocean Bomb’s fun, quirky Pokemon sodas in a range of yummy flavours, so click here to catch ‘em all!


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