By David Hall

Asian Snacks and Sweets You Need to Try

Outside of the UK, there is a collection of yummy snacks, drinks and sweets just waiting for you to try. Whilst they may be hard to find here in the UK, you can still get your hands on popular Asian snacks online and in some international shops. Here at Manhua Cha, we sell more than just delicious bubble tea kits, delivering a wide range of yummy Asian and American snacks to homes across the UK.

All of our products can be delivered straight to your door, and with a range of new and exciting flavours of bubble tea and snacks for you to try, you're guaranteed to find your next favourite flavour with us!


A popular choice in Asian countries, Mochi is quickly becoming a favourite over here in the UK! A Japanese rice cake made from water, sugar and cornstarch, Mochi is a deliciously chewy treat that can come in a range of different flavours. Due to its glutinous texture, it's recommended that you chew Mochi in small bites! It is often tinted with different food colourings, and can be filled with lots of different delicious fillings!

Mochi can be hard to define, as it is sometimes soft and chewy, but it can also be hard and brittle. Here at Manhua Cha, we stock various Mochi brands in a range of flavours, perfect for everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth. You can view our range of Mochi flavours here.

Ramune Soda

It can be hard to find Japanese Ramune soda in the UK. A popular Asian summer soft drink, Ramune is found inside a rare Codd-neck bottle, in which you need to push a marble into its neck in order to drink it! You can read more about Ramune soda in our previous article here!

Ramune can be found in a range of tasty flavours, most of which we stock and sell here at Manhua Cha! With popular flavours such as melon, strawberry and yuzu citrus available, you can enjoy the warmer spring months with a refreshing Ramune soda today! As well as allowing customers to order bubble tea online in a DIY kit form, we also offer mystery Asian and American sweet bundles, which you can find here.


Pocky is probably one of the most recognisable Asian food brands here in the UK. Each pack contains numerous biscuits shaped into sticks coated in chocolate. When it was originally manufactured, the biscuits had an almond or strawberry coating, but they now come in a range of delicious flavourings, such as mango, banana and chocolate.

Pocky is a great on-the-go snack, and can pair well with bubble tea flavours such as vanilla and cookie and cream! Visit us here to view our wide range of bubble tea kits.

Hello Panda

Who doesn't love a cute little animal biscuit? Hello Panda are small biscuits filled with yummy flavours, and each biscuit displays a panda performing a different activity. With a range of different flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry and traditional matcha, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of Asian and American sweets and snacks, both in mystery bundles and sold separately! Are you looking to branch out and try something new? Our sweet bundles and bubble tea kits are the perfect choice for you.


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