By Cara Sidney

Chunky straws and Bubble Tea cups

Chunky straws and Bubble Tea cups

If you’re new to Bubble Tea or an observer of all things Bubble Tea, you may have noticed you need a specific straw to drink your Bubble Tea.  Why? I hear you ask, the answer is TOPPINGS. If you used a regular straw to drink your tea, you definitely wouldn't get your popping juice balls, tapioca or jelly up the straw. After all, the point of Bubble Tea is consuming your drink with the toppings. When ordering our kits you can add one-use paper Bubble Tea straws - we’re all trying to stop waste where we can, even though our straws are recyclable it's even better if we can stop one-time use all together!

Our collapsible metal Bubble Tea straws are the perfect solution. They have a slant-cut tip so they will pierce a shop bought Bubble Tea seal. They have adjustable length and come with a metal keychain ring so you can hook them onto pretty much anything. Different colours? We got you - we have them in black, silver, red, blue and rose gold. You can of course use these straws to drink Bubble Tea you make at home, they are also good for drinking thick smoothies, slush and milkshakes! 

Made a Bubble Tea at home but want to take it on the go like you would your morning coffee? Look no further than our reusable Bubble Tea cup - at first glance our reusable cup looks no different to a reusable glass coffee cup but upon further inspection you can see that it has a specific hole for your chunky Bubble Tea straw to fit in without any spillages! I like to use this cup in various ways

  • Lid on and sealed with bubble tea straw in (for all the boba goodness)
  • Lid off and used like a regular glass (with or without straw)
  • Lid on and using the ‘sip’ lid for a normal drink (coffee etc.)
Browse our reusables here! 

Who says you can’t have Bubble Tea on your morning commute to work - we certainly don't!


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