By Cara Sidney

Tea WITH toppings?!

Many people get confused at the concept of Bubble Tea. Too many people think Bubble Tea looks like juice with strange (inedible? edible?) plastic balls in it, we can assure you there’s no plastic in our teas! We’re here to clear up the confusion on toppings and those strange floating things in your tea! 

 We like to categorise our toppings by ‘Popping Juice Balls’ ‘Jelly’ & ‘Tapioca’

Popping Juice Balls are little balls filled with flavoured juice/syrup that when bitten into ‘pop’ in your mouth, they sit at the bottom of your Bubble Tea drink waiting to be sucked up through your straw! Many people think they’re inedible or for decoration - they are 100% edible, they are made from seaweed extract so they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have 14 flavours of popping juice balls ranging from Cherry to Grape to Pineapple to Sour apple! And everything in between. We’re sure there would be a flavour you’d love! We recommend that popping juice balls go best with our fruit teas but it is entirely up to your preference. Our chocolate popping juice balls go well with our Terry’s Chocolate Orange tea kit! On our website you can buy individual toppings to use as you wish, they go well with ice cream, fizzy drinks, even in cocktails & other beverages!  Find your favourite topping here  

Jelly Toppings are exactly what they sound like, little pieces of Jelly that get sucked up through your straw and chewed - Jelly toppings are a great alternative to Tapioca if you love something a bit more chewy in your drink but not a fan of Tapioca. We have coconut Jelly and Rainbow Jelly. Rainbow jelly is a mixture of fruity flavours (orange, reds and white coloured jelly). More traditional jelly flavours include grass jelly and aloe vera. Our jelly toppings are suitable for vegetarians & vegans as they are made from coconut pulp. Jelly toppings can also be added to desserts and are yummy on top of ice cream! We love to see your creations you make at home as well as your Bubble Tea. You can tag us @manhuacha on socials! Instagram,Tiktok & Facebook  

Tapioca pearls are edible balls similar to popping juice balls, but these ones you chew & they don't pop! They are made from starch extracted from the cassava root vegetable - talk about one of your 5-a-day huh? ;) The cassava root vegetable originates from South America and came to Taiwan via South East Asia and that’s when Bubble Tea with Tapioca was born!  
Tapioca gets paired with original and flavoured milk teas. Brown sugar can be added to tapioca pearls to add extra sweetness to your drink! Just like our other toppings, Tapioca can be served as part of a dessert like ice cream and in milkshakes! We have 11 milk tea flavours for you to choose from - what flavour will you try with your tapioca today! Find all our tea flavours here 

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  • I love your bubble teas! Once I got to grips with making it which was easier than I thought. My only gripe is that the straws are the very tiniest bit too thin for the tapioca and balls to pass through! I’ve had to save the ones that came with the bubble tea from my local shop.
    Are the reusable straws any bigger? It’s only half a mill too thin!

    Ani Gouly on

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