By David Hall

Explaining The Bubble Tea Shortage

As some avid boba tea fans may have already heard, there is currently a worldwide shortage of tapioca starch that makes the drink's signature tapioca pearls. Due to backlogs in shipping from Taiwan and Thailand, boba businesses across the globe are suffering, including us here at Manhua Cha. However, do not panic! Things are still operating as normal right now.

The backlogs are affecting almost all shipment of goods out of Asia, and significant delays are affecting the East and West coasts of America, and us here in England. Unfortunately, this means we may have to take some of our yummy flavours and ingredients off our menu. To find out more, you can contact us by emailing Delays are being blamed on a mixture of bad weather, the pandemic and increased demand, but fear not! We still have a delicious collection of bubble tea kit flavours just waiting for you to try.


How Long is the Shortage Predicted to Last?

The future of boba tea is uncertain, but the shortage is only estimated to last a few months, according to San Francisco-based bubble tea company Boba Guys. Stores across the globe are already starting to run out of ingredients, as 99% of boba comes from overseas. At our boba tea shop here in Newcastle, we're already starting to see an impact in our supply chain.

We’re working hard with our suppliers to keep as much stock coming our way as possible, but as of right now, we’re operating as normal for the time being!

We don't just sell boba tea; our Asian snacks and sweets may also be in short supply as shipments continue to backlog. To view our existing collection, you can visit us here.


What the Boba Shortage Means for Small Businesses Like Us

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, more and more of us are flocking to the stores we've missed so dearly. Our boba tea kits kept many of you up to date with your boba tea fixes, but without most of our ingredients, it will eventually get harder to deliver your tasty treats. Like all boba businesses right now, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work our way through the boba shortage.

Remember, this is only temporary! Soon enough, our beloved boba will be making its way back to our store, but in the meantime, we may have to operate on a reduced menu. If you would like to find out more, please email your queries to, and we'll be happy to assist. Once again, thank you for your understanding!


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