By David Hall

Why Boba Kits are the Best Way to Enjoy Bubble Tea!

We've explained on many occasions why we think bubble tea kits are the best way to enjoy boba tea. They're practical, tasty, and easy to make, but don't just take our word for it! Thousands of people nationwide are enjoying delicious boba tea from the comfort of their own homes, and you can too with the help of our handy kits!

Here at Manhua Cha, we can deliver our tasty bubble tea kits to homes across the UK, complete with your choice of flavour and toppings, and an easy-to-follow recipe! We also sell tasty international treats, both in our specialist kits or separately! Weighing up the pros and cons of a boba kit? Read our latest article below.

Delivery Takes Time and Money

Certain delivery services such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats deliver freshly made bubble tea in a range of towns and cities, all ready to enjoy. Whilst this may seem more convenient, bubble tea delivery can cost more money in the long run, due to delivery and admin fees. Also, if your drink has come a long way, the ice may have melted, ruining the experience all together.

With a bubble tea kit, you can make your favourite drink whenever you fancy it, and you don't have to wait around for a delivery driver! Our kits can provide four to twelve tasty drinks; their flavours and toppings can be chosen by you, or if you're a beginner, we'll choose for you!


Bubble Tea Shops Aren't Accessible for Some

In some smaller towns, the closest bubble tea shop isn't that close at all. They may only have access once they're in a popular city centre, so the commute isn't all that practical. By looking towards a bubble tea kit, that dreaded journey doesn't have to be made, and you can make your favourite drink no matter the time of day!

Here at Manhua Cha, we also sell handy reusable bubble tea cups if you're an avid boba fan. Enjoy your homemade beverage in one of our 500ml or 700ml cups today by visiting our reusable section on our website!

You Can Mix and Match at Home

When you buy a drink instore, you have to choose your flavour and topping right there and then; with a boba kit, you can choose from a range of flavours, depending on the type of kit you go for! Our 12-drink kit allows you to choose three separate flavours and toppings; this way, you can mix and match to your heart's content!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a vast collection of flavours just waiting for you to try! To view our full collection of tasty tea kits, please visit us here.


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