By David Hall

Top 5 Bubble Tea Flavours all Newbies Must Try!

If you’re new to boba tea, it can be hard to find a flavour to kickstart your bubble tea journey. With a range of flavours and toppings to choose from, it can take some people various different attempts to find the beverage that’s perfect for them. Also, when you order bubble tea in store, all those flavours can be a little overwhelming! Luckily, we’re here to help you make that all-important boba tea discovery!

Here at Manhua Cha, we make delicious bubble tea in all kinds of flavours. Our bubble tea kits are crafted to fit your preferences, and can be delivered to any home across the UK. We can provide you with all the yummy ingredients needed to make your perfect boba beverage from the comfort of your own home. Are you wanting to start experimenting with boba tea, but aren’t sure where to begin? Read our article below for some inspiration!


One of the most popular and addictive bubble tea flavours out there, taro is a root vegetable that turns your beverage purple, but don’t let those two unusual facts scare you away! Taro is thought of as one of the most creamy yet refreshing variations of bubble milk tea, and has a vanilla nut-like flavour. It is typically made with milk powder, and is often paired with traditional tapioca pearls.

Some taro lovers say it tastes like vanilla or cookies and cream, so try it for yourself today! Our bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha have a taro option, and come with milk powder and black tea bags. You can discover the flavours in our kits here!


Another classic choice, matcha bubble tea is a hit with fans across the world. Matcha is a green, earthy ingredient usually found in coffee shops to flavour lattes. It contains all the benefits of traditional green tea, and has a more herbal kind of flavour. You can add extra flavourings, such as honey, to increase its sweetness.

Matcha is a familiar flavour amongst boba tea enthusiasts, and is incredibly creamy and tasty.

Honeydew Melon

If you’re looking for a refreshing, summer choice, then look no further than honeydew melon flavour! A popular choice amongst bubble tea fans, the sweetness from the honeydew mixed with the unique melon flavour makes it the perfect first choice when you order bubble tea.

Honeydew melon is also perfect for those who prefer a lightly sweet drink, as it isn’t too overpowering. Like all of our milk bubble tea kits, our honeydew melon choice comes with black tea bags and milk powder, making it a perfect choice to make at home!


If you tend to prefer fruity, tropical flavours, then mango is the perfect choice if you’re intending to try boba tea for the first time! You can enjoy it in milk or fruit form, and it can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

If you’re looking to feel refreshed, mango bubble tea is best enjoyed ice cold, with a delicious topping of mango popping juice balls!


Strawberry milk is a fan favourite across the world, so why not experiment by including the flavour in your bubble tea? It’s creamy, delicious, and it's recognisable to pretty much everyone!

Available in both a fruit or milk variant, you can’t go wrong with strawberry when you order bubble tea. Paired with yummy popping juice balls or tapioca pearls, this flavour is sure to be a hit if you’re already a strawberry fan. Here at Manhua Cha, we craft delicious bubble tea kits suited to your preferences, and we deliver to homes across the UK! To browse our vast range of flavours and toppings, please visit us here.


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