By David Hall

Why you Should Try International Treats Today

There’s something special about good old British snacks and sweets. They’re nostalgic for our childhood’s and they always satisfy our sweet tooth whenever we’re in the mood. However, did you know that there are hundreds of tasty international snacks, sweets and drinks just waiting for you to try? They may be hard to find in British stores, but online, they’re in abundance! Why not venture into a world of sweets today?

Here at Manhua Cha, we do more than just stock and deliver delicious bubble tea kits. We have a full collection of American and Asian snacks and sweets just waiting for you to enjoy. Our bubble tea shop is big on Asian culture, giving you an authentic experience thousands of miles away from its origin! Ready to get started? Read our top tips for trying international snacks below!

Experience New Flavours

All sweets and snacks have that signature flavour that keeps people coming back for more. The same rules apply to international treats; there’s plenty of tasty sweets out there that people love, we just haven’t been widely exposed to them yet! Nerds, airheads and cow tales are all popular candies in America, and have their own unique flavours that you can try today!

All of our American snacks and drinks can be found in one place on our website, allowing you to buy in bulk or separately. To view our full collection, please visit us here!

Expand Your Horizons

It’s all good and well to stick to your favourite local sweet (they are tasty, after all), but have you ever wondered what you’re missing out on? There are hundreds of thousands of international sweets out there, all of which are perfect for sweet lovers. Asian treats such as mochi are chewy with a fruity centre, and are optimal for enjoying with boba tea!

Our mochi collection, which is full of flavours such as taro and strawberry, are delicious and mix well with all kinds of bubble tea flavours. To view our Asian snack collection, please visit us here.

Find Your New Favourite Snack!

You may be a little stuck in your ways right now, but all sweet lovers look to try something new every now and again. Pocky, White Rabbit and Hello Panda treats are all popular in Asian culture, and have found a place in people’s hearts all around the world. So why not look towards our tasty collection here?

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a wide range of snacks and bubble tea flavours perfect if you need to wind down and enjoy a refreshing drink with a tasty snack! To view the rest of our treats, please visit us here.


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