By David Hall

What are the Benefits of Boba Tea Kits?

For boba tea enthusiasts, DIY kits were a godsend during lockdown; unable to travel to our favourite bubble tea shop, they helped curb our cravings! Although we're on our way out of the pandemic, boba tea kits are still a great choice if you're looking to enjoy your favourite kit at home, and they have many different benefits!

Here at Manhua Cha, we don't just serve delicious bubble tea in Newcastle; our handy kits can be delivered straight to your door across the UK. Each kit comes with an easy-to-follow recipe with ingredients and toppings of your choice! Are you looking to enjoy your favourite boba drink at home? Read on below to discover why bubble tea kits are the perfect choice for you!


Less Travel

Although boba tea is increasing in popularity around the world, there aren't many stores scattered in smaller towns and more rural areas. Some people have to travel to enjoy a cup of bubble tea, and it’s often just a rare tasty treat when they're out and about. By looking towards a handy kit, you can make your favourite drink from the comfort of your own home without having to travel anywhere!

Whether you're new to bubble tea or you enjoy it regularly, we've got the kit for you! Our 'New to Bubble Tea' kits are specially crafted and packed to introduce you to boba tea. Our traditional kit comes with a tasty milk tea base, tea bags and tapioca pearls, perfect for taking you back to this delicious drink's roots!


It's Cheaper!

When you visit your local bubble tea store, your friendly bubble barista will craft up your drink to perfection, and it’s well worth the price. With a bubble tea kit, you're the barista, and it won't cost you as much to make one drink! If you follow the instructions, you'll be able to get numerous drinks out of your kit, depending on the variation that you buy.

In our four drink kits, each drink costs around £2.73, which works out cheaper than if you bought your drink in store! If you don't live near a bubble tea shop, kits are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite drink at home. Our online store is also home to yummy extras, such as international snacks, extra toppings and fruit tea syrups!


Your Favourite Drink; Any Time, Anywhere

Instead of quickly popping to your favourite bubble tea shop when you have a craving, or simply stopping off for a drink during your daily errands, you can enjoy your favourite drink whenever you'd like with a boba kit. There's no need to worry about travelling or waiting in line for your next bubble tea fix; you can make one yourself in less than 5 minutes!

All of our kits here at Manhua Cha can be crafted to suit your preferences, and you can even opt for some reusable bubble tea cups and straws if you're a regular boba tea drinker! To view our complete collection of kits, drinks and snacks, you can visit our website here!


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